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if the feeling is so real and so how did you let go such things in the past so easily?? you go through the same feeling of wanting nothing else but that one person yet you have done this so many times before. how does it all work??


the four letter word.

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When you love something, let it go.


Love like you’ve never been hurt. 


Two things to live by. Though its often painful, i will always be someone who has strong faith in that little four letter word. I couldnt imagine being any other way and i dont think becoming bitter is in my cards. Some people learn their lesson, but do they not ever get that feeling that something is simply missing??




rain city…

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Wow. WOWWW. its dec 1st. Can somebody please tell me where this year went??? Anyways its pouring outside (big surprise) prob the ooonly reason i am happy to be inside and doing laundry. I know sounds like an exciting life and all but i actually had a very good day 🙂 Lunch with Grandma and Mom, (who make me very proud to be part of this family i might add… and its good to see the craziness thins out each generation.. kidding grandma!!) and then a stroll with moms pug down to the beach.  God he makes people interested. I have not had as many conversations with random people in one day as i do with him. (he is cute though). Awesome me forgot until i got to the beach that the camera in my hand had no batteries in it!! (woot)   Who would have thought that a beach on dec 1st and complete strangers could cheer you up so much?? (not to mention a stinky pug after a walk!! ha)  It was a very good day.



city and color=perfect

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Love of mine,
Won’t you lay by my side,
And rest your weary eyes,
Before we’re out of time,
Give me one last kiss,
For soon, such distance,
Will stretch between our lips,
Now the day’s losing light.